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Your personalized demo will showcase the Kwest Platform and its end-to-end capabilities. Learn why leading renewable energy installers trust Kwest.

All your processes
at a glance

Manage installation projects end-to-end and always see which action is required next. Drive day-to-day decision making to install faster and at higher margins.

End-to-End project management

Keep an overview of all your installation projects and always know which action is required next. Streamline processes and data to automate workflows and manage more projects per person.

Automated report creation

Avoid spending hours searching for and collecting data and images from multiple tools and spreadsheets. Extract data from other systems such as your CRM and automatically create branded reports for your installation projects and financial partners.


Inspection documentation

Create standardized documentation processes for your installation teams. Use our flexible form builder to standardize the data entry and automatically calculate the costs for your installation projects.

Partner Onboarding

Provide a standardized onboarding process for your installation partners. Track SLAs and gather feedback from end-customers automatically to ensure you’re working with the best partners in the market.

Incident Management

Resolve every incident fast and automate tasks across your team. Keep an audit trail of all incidents to built reliable operations.
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