How solation is using Kwest to install solar more effectively


Efficiently scale operations and manage workflows


solation, a young player in the PV installation industry, faced the challenge of finding a simple tool to optimize their installation processes, create digital project folders, and automate workflows. They needed a solution that would centralize all project information, provide individual automation capabilities, and ensure transparency across all projects and tasks. After careful evaluation, solation decided to implement Kwest to effectively address these challenges.

Utilizing Kwest for installation processes and project management

solation recognized that Kwest offered the features and capabilities to enhance their installation processes and project management. By leveraging Kwest, they centralize all project-related information and documents in one place (digital project folder). This eliminated media breaks and made it easy for all stakeholders involved to access relevant project data in real-time.

Custom automations and workflows

One of the key benefits of using Kwest is the ability to create custom automations and workflows. solation utilizes this feature to automate recurring tasks such as generating installation reports or sending progress updates to clients. These automation not only save time but also improve the accuracy and consistency of their processes.

Transparency and customer experience

Kwest provided solation with comprehensive visibility into all ongoing projects and tasks, fostering transparency within the company. Team members can easily track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate effectively within the platform. This increased visibility and real-time updates enable better coordination and efficient communication across the team.

Furthermore, Kwest supports a positive customer experience by ensuring that clients are always informed about the progress of their installations. Solation can share relevant project updates, documentation, and schedules directly with their clients through the platform. This transparency and proactive communication creates a seamless and satisfactory experience for customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


By implementing Kwest, solation successfully addressed their challenges related to installation processes and project management. Kwest’s ability to centralize data, enable custom automations, and create transparency in projects and tasks leveled up solation’s operations. With Kwest, solation optimizes their installation processes, creates digital project folders, and ensures efficient communication with their customers, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

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