Powerful renewable energy project management for your whole team

Our platform creates visibility across your installations, optimizes your day-to-day operations, and automates manual tasks.

Keep everyone informed

All relevant information about your installations at a glance. Customize your dashboard to drive better day-to-day decision making.

Build customized workflows

Make your project management easier and more efficient by building customized workflows. Or start with our workflow templates.

Automate processes

Free up your project managers from manual tasks and repetitive work. Create any kind of document on autopilot.

Decide what to see

All relevant data and documents at a glance. Access data from multiple tools and synchronize your data in real-time.

Commenting and notes

Collaboration and data in one place

Add notes, comments and tag your colleagues to collaborate more effectively with your team and react to changes quickly.

Customer updates​

Automated messages at the perfect time

Send customer updates based on templates at every important step of the project automatically.

Platform features


Use our flexible form builder to adjust your documentation processes to your needs and to avoid costly rework.


Streamline and automate communication with your key stakeholders – from customers to installation partners.

Standard operating procedures

Implement step-by-step instructions to guide field teams through routine tasks effectively and productively.


Build customized workflows to streamline and scale your installation processes.


Keep an overview of all your KPIs and share your impact to key stakeholders, with intuitive reporting dashboards.

... and more

More coming soon.

Data integrations

In sync with your tools

Easily connect Kwest to your existing software stack. Our integrations help you to automate workflows and data-transfer across the tools that you’re using and set you up for scale.

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