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Login and workspaces

Last updated on August 24, 2022

Login and workspaces

When building a new product, some fundamentals need to be laid.

From a customers’ perspective, this means Kwest users can now be authenticated through Google Workspace and custom sign-up is also possible (Microsoft O365 will follow soon).

Furthermore, customer organizations now have their own workspaces, so users can find their colleagues easily to start collaborating.

Next up

We already started working on the next step which is guest accounts.

The goal is that users will be able to invite guest users to their organization. Kwest will allow flows to have touch points with external parties soon. Such externals may be suppliers, agencies, or fulfillment partners.

An example use case is the onboarding of a new supplier. Getting a new supplier up to speed often involves process steps within the company (procurement department, review from business) and on the side of the supplier (data provisioning, contract signing). With Kwest, we make sure this process always runs correctly and on time.

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