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Lightweight asset management

Last updated on November 27, 2022

„There are many products out there, but none really match my use case.“
A statement we hear frequently, especially from users in the green economy. They have to rely on a set of software products that somehow match the problem, but don’t integrate easily into their tool landscape.

A customer who manages hundreds of solar installation projects at the same time faced exactly this problem. They have to hand out tools, IT equipment, and other assets to subcontractors and temporary employees.

Tools tend to get lost, keeping track of stock is hard and sometimes projects get delayed because items need to be ordered on short notice.

Kwest can take over here. With our Forms feature, we can make sure there are no mistakes when it comes to handing assets in and out. To bring this lightweight asset management solution to life, we leveraged two new Flow steps.

Google Sheets integration

You can build Kwest Flows using your Google Sheets data. Flows can read and write data in spreadsheets.

HTTP Request step

A powerful step that allows users to make different types of HTTP Requests. It helps to integrate with other software products (such as HubSpot or Zendesk). A highlight is the ability to run AWS Lambda functions enabling users to apply custom business logic if necessary.

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