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Introducing the flow builder

Last updated on September 9, 2022

Flow builder

At Kwest, we aim to make operations run smoothly and enable everyone to automate and standardize processes. That’s why we are introducing the initial version of the flow builder. It offers a set of tools — no coding required — to help you automate routine processes into workflows.

Processes can be built up by dragging and dropping process steps onto the canvas.


The start of a flow is initiated by what we call a trigger. As of today a flow can be triggered either manually with a few clicks or automatically at a certain time. In the near future flows can also be triggered based-on integrations and through webhooks.


Messages can now be scheduled for delivery to reach recipients in their flow of work. Messages can be individualized for their recipients and a clean editor allows for easy formatting.


Lists can be applied to deliver content that needs to be read by every recipient. There are many possible types of contents that can be attached. Examples are Notion or Confluence pages and presentations. The advantage is that the content can be maintained in the tools that are already in use and doesn’t have to be copied over into a new tool.

We already have further step types on the roadmap.

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