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Last updated on November 2, 2022

Collecting data in a standardized way is a persistent issue that emerges in virtually every business context.

The installation of a new solar array is a good example. This process involves several different people ranging from the project manager to the installer in the field to the banker. Onsite meetings must be scheduled, materials must be ordered, the installation needs to be documented properly and so on.

Often this data is captured and manually tracked in a spreadsheet where one mistake can lead to a lot of back-and-forth, causing time delays. Spreadsheets are gold—but when it comes to collaboration, they are just a mess.

Robust data capturing with our Form builder

Kwest now offers a robust solution to capture data with our Form Builder feature. The no-code interface makes it easy to adapt any form to unique business requirements.

Forms can be embedded into automated Flows to capture the information needed to progress in a humanly accessible way. Forms can be sent to anyone in your team, an authenticated colleague of an external partner, or even an anonymous user on the public internet. Whoever they are, you can give them a user-friendly way to gather data using forms in Kwest.

  • Forms offer various data capture components such as checklists, text input, comment boxes, drop-down menus, files, and more.
  • Forms can also be applied midway through a larger Flow — not just to to start a Flow.
  • Multiple forms can be chained together within a Flow
  • The collected data can be accessed using variables in subsequent steps.

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