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August 2022

We build for the people who work on building a better tomorrow. To enable them to take on today’s challenges, our software makes managing and carrying out operations effortless.

Kwest delivers everything that is needed to get the job done directly into the flow of work—independent of whether this work is done on a desk or in the field.

Employee master data

In order to provide this experience we need to gather some information up front. For the first use case we are working on—employee onboarding—we essentially need employee master data, like name, starting date, and email address.

We can now create this data manually and will soon expand this functionally to CSV upload and direct HRIS integrations.

Groups and Relationships

In addition to that there is the hierarchical structure of the customers’ organization, i.e. who is reporting to whom. Something that can also be pulled from HRIS in the future.

We learned that it is more important to group people to less formal, often short-lived groups like Onboarding cohort August ‘22, Operations team DACH, or Shift leaders. For this we made it possible to assign people to multiple groups.

August 2022

Hi there–

We are team Kwest. We empower the people that build the world of tomorrow to collaborate more productively.

This is our first product updates newsletter.

Why we are building Kwest

With pressing challenges like climate change, we need to move fast. Yet, skilled worker shortage and inefficient processes slow down the required change-making. We founded Kwest to boost collaboration between the people who build the world of tomorrow.

What are we building?

Kwest wants to boost the productivity of skilled workers. Users can transform repetitive tasks into Flows, to ensure that they are executed reliably and effectively, every time, without organizational hassle.

Our early customers want to make onboarding new team members lightning-fast for everyone involved in the process.

The faster you can deliver your best work, the earlier you will feel home in a new team.

🎁 We value every feedback as a gift, and we are always excited to hear your thoughts.

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