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Installion, a leading solar installation company based in Cologne, has successfully integrated Kwest, a powerful workflow and project management tool, into its operations. Initially adopted for workflow management, Installion has expanded the use of Kwest to encompass project management as well. The flexibility of Kwest allows Installion to map various processes and tasks and make continuous improvements and adjustments over time. Ursprünglich für das Workflow-Management übernommen, hat Installion den Einsatz von Kwest mittlerweile auch auf das Projektmanagement ausgeweitet. Die Flexibilität von Kwest ermöglicht es Installion, verschiedene Prozesse und Aufgaben abzubilden und kontinuierliche Verbesserungen und Anpassungen im Laufe der Zeit vorzunehmen.

Benefits of Kwest for workflow management

In late 2022, Installion recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage workflows. By implementing Kwest, the company achieved significant improvements in visibility, coordination, and execution of workflows, such as inventory management processes. The tool’s intuitive interface and customizable features enabled Installion to tailor the workflows to their specific requirements.

With Kwest, Installion can easily assign tasks, track progress, and monitor the status of ongoing workflows. The ability to create customizable templates and automate recurring tasks has significantly reduced manual effort and empowered employees to focus on more strategic activities. Kwest’s integration capabilities with other software systems further enhanced workflow efficiency by seamlessly connecting various tools and eliminating media breaks or data silos.

Expansion of Kwest to project management

Impressed by the positive impact of Kwest on workflow management, Installion extended its usage to project management as well. Through the versatile features of Kwest, the company gained comprehensive control over its projects and tasks.

One of the main advantages of using Kwest for project management is the reusability of templates to enable standardized project workflows. Installion can easily customize project workflows, allocate resources, and set deadlines—all within the Kwest platform. This adaptability allows the company to continuously improve and optimize its project management processes by leveraging insights from previous projects.

Thanks to Kwest, we've significantly sped up our installations, all without expanding our resources. Truly a game-changer.

Florian Meyer-Delpho
CEO & Co-Founder

Kwest delivers meaningful management reports

Working within Kwest enables the platform to generate detailed management reports for Installion, offering valuable insights into project performance and resource allocation. These reports can highlight key metrics such as the number of projects managed by each project manager, average duration from project initiation to completion, and resource utilization.

By analyzing these reports, Installion’s management can make informed decisions, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources effectively. The ability to track and measure project outcomes allows the company to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to enhance the overall project success rate.


Installion has successfully integrated Kwest into its operations, utilizing the tool for both workflow and project management. The flexibility of Kwest has enabled the company to adapt and optimize its processes over time, leading to increased efficiency and improved project outcomes. By generating meaningful management reports using Kwest, Installion can make data-driven decisions and continuously improve its operations. By leveraging the capabilities of Kwest, the company remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in its industry.

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