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We’re Kwest​

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Kwest to solve the workforce crisis

Our mission is to empower employees to take on the jobs needed to build a better tomorrow.

Why we're building Kwest​

Our most pressing challenges to transform the world we live in are lying ahead of us. We need renewable energy systems at scale, resilient supply chains, carbon-neutral transportation, and much more.

Many of the things we need to build require changes of the physical world. However, as digitalization makes skill profile requirements change more rapidly today than ever before, many emerging digital-first roles are affected. How do we enable people to fill these roles, and how do we empower the digital and the physical world to work together effectively?

That’s why we’re building Kwest. The software we build puts skilled workers in the center. As we believe in a world where great automation only happens when people are involved. Stay tuned for a few updates soon.

Chidiebere Nnadi

Senior Software Engineer

Helen Tubridy

Product Designer

Constantin Ehrensberger

Founder — Engineering Costa

Robin Dechant

Founder — Sales, People

Marco Holst

Founder — Product, Marketing

We have built interactive learning programs for industry-leading companies

Meet the team

Want to join our team?

We’re a team of experienced SaaS experts, coming together from different fields to create a software product that changes how people work and solve critical problems.


We are rigorously focused on our customers’ jobs-to-be-done and we’re backed by leading investors in the field of software. We have a really nice office in Berlin-Mitte where we usually work from.

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