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Robin Dechant

Robin is one of the founders at Kwest. On this blog, he shares insights gained from discussions with selected renewable energy experts and from working with our customers towards operational excellence.
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Solar software in 2023

Solar software is growing in 2023

Solar businesses are recognizing the value of software solutions in driving growth and efficiency in their operations. They are increasingly aware of the benefits that software can offer in streamlining processes, optimizing project management, and improving customer relationship management. As the industry becomes more competitive, solar businesses are actively adopting software solutions to stay ahead, enhance their capabilities, and unlock new avenues for growth. Given all the different solar software applications, we have written a guide about the different solar software categories.

Categories of solar software

  • ERPs and asset management software: to effectively manage and optimize your material, resources, and financial operations
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software: to track leads, manage sales pipelines, and nurture customer relationships
  • Solar design and quoting software: to design solar systems and generate accurate quotes and proposals
  • Project management and collaboration software: to plan, manage, and execute solar projects while facilitating collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Billing and invoicing software: to streamline the billing and invoicing process for your solar businesses
  • Remote monitoring and performance management software: to monitor your solar systems in real-time and do performance analysis including proactive maintenance

Important vendors for each solar software category

The following list of solar software companies is based on our conversations with our customers and other solar companies.

ERPs and asset management software

CRM software

Also check out our post about what is solar CRM and about the most important solar CRMs in 2023

Solar design and quoting software

Project management and collaboration software

Billing and invoicing software

Remote monitoring and performance management software

Bonus: SolarOS

Together with Solytic, we are launched the “solarOS” initiative in the European solar market to strengthen installation companies and support them in their digitalization. Solar installers can install PV systems efficiently and quickly with Kwest’s installation and automation software. Subsequently, the growing portfolio of PV systems is monitored via Solytic’s manufacturer-independent monitoring portal. Read more about SolarOS in the PV Magazin.

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