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Robin Dechant

Robin is one of the founders at Kwest. On this blog, he shares insights gained from discussions with selected renewable energy experts and from working with our customers towards operational excellence.
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What solar companies can learn from eCommerce companies

“Your PV system will be delivered today between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30p.m.”

You might have seen a similar sentence when your eCommerce shop updated you on your shipment. In this post, we’re going to explain what solar companies can learn from eCommerce companies when it comes to customer communication.

Due to the boom in eCommerce during the pandemic, many of us have received weekly emails from parcel delivery companies. With the flood of packages, shipment tracking has become very important for many eCommerce customers. Shipment tracking creates transparency, saves the e-commerce company communication effort in the event of queries about the delivery and increases end-customer satisfaction.

This type of communication and transparency is similarly important for solar companies. Why? Solar installations usually take several months from the agreement until the solar system is connected to the grid. As an end customer, however, I would always like to know where my project is at the moment.

The CEO of one of our customers nailed it when he said:

“Our customers are so understanding, even if projects take longer or if there are delivery problems. The only thing that really frustrates them is when we don’t get in touch for weeks and they don’t know what exactly is going on or what the problem is.”

So here’s an idea: why can’t you just transparently communicate the project status to the end customer, just like with the delivery of packages? It could look like this where on the left you see how it’s currently provided in eCommerce and on the right side how it could look like for your solar business:

You could even go one step ahead and build an customer portal for your solar business. If you want to provide your customers with such an experience, let’s talk.

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