Install faster.
Without bulky software.

Our platform helps you to automate manual tasks, create visibility across your installations, and send data to where you need it. With Kwest, you install faster.


Create visibility across your teams

Manage installation projects end-to-end and always see which action is required next. Drive day-to-day decision making to ensure a high margin for your installation projects.
Process automation

Automate manual tasks and internal follow-ups

Automatically trigger tasks based on system events. Reduce rework with easy-to-use forms to collaborate with your mobile workforce and installation partners.

Send data across internal and external apps.

Integrate Kwest with your CRM, custom tools, databases, and more. Gather standardized data from the field and send it to where it’s needed.
I need a flexible tool that I can update myself without our Salesforce developers. We need to find a solution where our operations team has full control over their processes and data.
We need to ensure our SLAs are being met and the uptime for each charging station. We don’t have much transparency about our incident processes, which makes it difficult when identifying areas where downtime may occur.
EV Charging
The rigorous quality assurance process for new energy storage facilities requires a lot of back and forth to collect all the documentation we need.
Energy Storage
However, as our installation process is still in its infancy and there’s no standardization yet for documenting these installations; we’re having trouble getting all the data needed to produce comprehensive documentation.
Heat pumps
The goal of this system is to streamline our operations and automate manual tasks so that we can scale without being bogged down by tedious work.

Powerful and flexible

More automation, adapted to your business needs.

See our automation platform in action

Curious about how the
future of operations

See our automation platform in action

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